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This is a form of healing that has its roots in the ancient traditions of Belize. Dr. Rosita Arvigo brought these teachings to the United States, and beyond, with the permission of her teacher Don Elijio Panti, a great traditional healer of Belize. 

This form of bodywork brings lymphatic, nervous, blood, and energy flow to the organs of the upper and lower abdominal regions of the body. In bringing healing to the reproductive and digestive organs, balance and healing will present itself in the entire body and being. 

This is a gentle, yet deeply profound healing modality that can support those who are struggling with physical ailments, as well as internalized emotional/spiritual trauma held in the body. 

Through the framework of Maya Abdominal Therapy, my passion lies in womb healing for all stages of life. I invite those who are struggling with issues around the menstrual cycle, pre- and post-partum women, women going through menopause, and beyond. This work is for all bodies, and I am honored to support through this powerful work.

This therapy can help:

  • Bring flow and healing to reproductive and digestive systems

  • Aid in difficulties with menstruation (i.e. cramps, amenorrhea, irregular cycles, etc.)

  • Uterine cysts and fibroids

  • Endometriosis

  • Uterine prolapse

  • Aid in fertility and preconception

  • Assist pregnant mothers

  • Help heal the womb after birth, miscarriage, abortion - aids in postpartum healing

  • Urinary incontinence and other issues

  • Supports those working with any type of trauma and body armoring

  • Healing chronic low back/pelvic pain

  • And much more...

During all initial sessions, I will teach you how to apply this healing modality in your daily life, as you learn the Self Care techniques. I also include a Castor Oil pack, as well as instructions to take this practice home, in most Initial Sessions (if indicated for the individual.) 

For follow up sessions, complimentary modalities such as Herbal Vaginal Steams and guided meditations can be included upon request.

List of certain conditions/situations where Arvigo® Therapy would be contraindicated or would require modification:

  • IUD (Intra-Uterine Device) is present

  • During the first 20 weeks of pregnancy

  • Active infection in pelvic area

  • Diastasis Rectus (modification possible)

  • Pessary (please remove prior to session)

  • After abdominal surgery

  • Active cancer present, chemotherapy

  • Hiatal Hernia (modification possible)

  • Abdominal Aneurysm

  • Active menstruation (modification possible)

  • Any health condition that causes concern.

Please contact me for more information about any of these to determine best route of care. 

Womb and Abdominal Healing: Services
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