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Postpartum is a potent and sacred time which, physiologically, requires rest, specific foods, bodywork, warmth, and community. After the expansive event of pregnancy and birth, it is essential for a mother to receive nourishing care. Truly, all of humanity depends on this, as mothers are the center of humanity itself. 

It is my belief that postpartum is forever after a birth experience. Whether you are newly postpartum, or years into mothering, it would be a great honor to support you in the way of the physiological needs stated above. 

This is an invitation for mothers-to-be, their partners, and loved ones, to curate a plan with me for optimal care in the postpartum time. Together, we can create a package that includes ceremony, bodywork, nutritional and lifestyle support in order to best serve the mother during this precious time. Let us nourish and restore her, as she shifts into this new, sacred phase of life. 

Whether you experienced a traumatic birth, or an undisturbed birth, postpartum support is essential for restoring the mother.

Closing of the Bones Ceremony

This ritual can be included in a complete postpartum care package, or a stand alone offering. 

The name, Closing of the Bones, derives from traditional Mexican ritual. The practice of the ritual can also be found in traditions globally. 

The purpose of this ceremony is to literally “close the bones” of the new mother after the immense expansion of the birth process. It allows the internal structures and organs of the body to contract and restore. The mother is wrapped in a loving, nourishing cocoon which allows her to come back into her body and center after the birth experience. 

A note on pregnancy loss, child loss, and pregnancy release…

The postpartum time is not limited to mothers with a living child. Pregnancy loss and release truly require the same amount of postpartum care, especially after the potential trauma these may bring. To hold space for you during this time and aid in your healing journey would be an honor. Please reach out if this support feels aligned with you. 

For more information or postpartum care inquiries, please email

Postpartum Care and Ceremony: Service
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