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This bodywork technique was founded and created by Tami Lynn Kent, MSPT. Using loving hands on, hands in touch, the goal of this work is to restore balance in the female pelvis. This, in turn, creates balance in the entire being. 

Through gentle myofascial massage, trigger point release, energy work, and presence, we can soften deeply held physical, emotional, spiritual/ancestral patterning. This work will help to bring a woman either back into her center, or introduce her to this space for the first time. 

By releasing these patterns, and restoring balance in the pelvic bowl, deep creative potential is able to flow more freely. A woman’s center is her creative portal, and with flow here, this creativity translates into all aspects of her life. With resonance in the pelvic bowl, we are more receptive to abundance, healing, and fullness in our lives. 

In a Holistic Pelvic Care™ session, we start by going over a health and wellness intake, which determines if we should start with energetic or physical work. Then, with communication the entire way through, we map the pelvic bowl, taking note of the engagement of muscles, any trigger points, pain, stagnation, and numbness. The internal pelvic tissue holds deep information and stories. With this information, we then move onto the massage and bodywork to release stored imbalance, helping to bring resonance and vitality into the bowl.

This work can bring healing and support to:

  • Pelvic pain

  • Held trauma 

  • Postpartum healing 

  • Cesarean section recovery 

  • Birth trauma

  • Pregnancy loss and child loss

  • Pregnancy release/abortion

  • Connection to one’s body

  • Intergenerational/ancestral patterning 

  • Menstrual imbalances

  • Menopause

  • General care

  • and more…

If you would like to schedule a session, or would like more information, please email

Holistic Pelvic Care: Service
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